Awolnation releases new single ‘Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)’

Their new album titled Run is said to be released on March 17.  ‘Till then you can listen to their new single ‘Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)’ here; I have already listened to it about a hundred times and counting!

If the rest of their album is as solid as this tune, then I cannot wait!  Some good news is that you can pre-order the new album from iTunes.


Pure-Aesthetics: Non-invasive treatments for healthy skin

I met up with Ingrid Katz, a skin care therapist at Pure Aesthetics, to explain the hype around non-invasive skin peels.


Situated at the Linksfield Netcare Hospital, Pure Aesthetics offer clients a comprehensive solution to skin health.


In conjunction with Dr Doucas, a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, they offer a variety of non-invasive, results driven treatments for a variety of skin concerns.


With the emphasis on clinical skincare, they are dedicated to helping their clients reveal healthy, youthful and glowing skin.


Ingrid advises that every person’s skin is different; therefore she recommends that you meet with her for an in-depth consultation to map out your customised skin care needs.


Pure Aesthetics stocks 3 major brand of skincare;  Dermaceutic, QMS Medicosmetics and Optiphi. With Opitiphi being a very popular choice, Ingrid Katz will explain to us why this range is a necessity:


Why consider a light chemical peel?

“The skin is constantly under attack by exposure to harmful internal and external factors. The most detrimental of these include solar UV radiation, harsh climatic conditions, free radicals and stress.  They affect the condition of our skin and give way to the visible signs of aging. The correct environment, PH 5.5, allows for optimal cellular functioning, resulting in physiologically younger looking skin”, Ingrid explains.


Who should consider this treatment?

”This treatment is suitable for skins with pigmentation, uneven skin tone, redness, enlarged pores, acne, dehydration, sun damage and general signs of ageing”, says Ingrid.


How does this treatment work?

The scientific formulation of actives is aimed at directly reversing the effects of time and the environment. The positive influence on the cellular processes allows the cell to regain its natural balance and optimal functioning – the result is regeneration on a cellular level, reversing the signs of ageing.


The Optiphi skin rejuvenation peel is a treatment that is focused on regeneration of the skin at early stages of cell life. This is done through the use of glycolic acid in its purest form; benefits include:


  • Stimulates the cellular activity
  • Improves elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Increases the production of dermal matrix compounds
  • Increases collagen synthesis
  • Promotes cellular turnover and differentiation
  • Improvement in skin hydration levels
  • Refining of enlarged pores
  • Improvement in overall skin texture
  • Reduction in hyper-pigmentation as well as uneven pigmentation
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles


Recommended retail price: R 650 – 00
Duration of treatment: 20-30 minutes


Recommended that a 6 week course be done initially; after which the therapist/doctor would reassess the skin and the progress and either prolonging the weekly treatments or placing the client onto a monthly maintenance programme.


This non-invasive, gentle way of removing the damaged outer layers of the skin is a perfect treatment to keep your skin looking and feeling good, especially in the colder months when you’re not as exposed to harsh sunlight. Chemical peels can be used on any area of the body, the most common areas being the face, hands and chest.


For more information and to view their other treatments visit their website like their Facebook page


For consultations or appointments call Pure-Aesthetics on 011 485 2887.

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Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

“Hello Meggie…”

“Why hello there”, I replied with a spunk in my voice. “Thank you for having my url name available WordPress. It feels great to be on board ol’ chap.”

A simple “Hello” can lead to so many things…

“So do you come here often?”, WordPress eagerly wanted to know.

“I’ve been meaning to come here. I’m pretty sure you’ll see me around at least once a week now as you’ll be reminding me of my goal that I’ve just set”, I replied  in a ‘tongue-in-the-cheek’ manner.

Once again a simple “Hello” can lead to so many things… In this case I forsee it leads to some great publishing on a great host.


And they lived happily ever after… that escalated fast!